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Delivery of chemotherapeutics to brain tumors
Technology: Brain cancer is a life-threatening disease with a poor prognosis. This includes Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM), which has a standard treatment of surgical resection, radiation therapy and concurrent chemotherapy with temozolomide (TMZ). The median survival is 14 months because surgeons are unable to completely remove GBM, radiation does not...
Published: 5/18/2017   |   Inventor(s): Ann-Marie Broome, Suraj Dixit, Amy-Lee Bredlau
Category(s): Therapeutic
Biotinylated bioluminescent probe (YuLu) for the detection of luciferase
The global preclinical imaging market is estimated to reach 910 million in the US alone by 2021, including utilizing bioluminescent probes to study biological processes in vitro and in vivo in real time, image cancer cells, monitor gene delivery and adoptively transferred cells and track pathogen clearance, detect apoptosis and research signal transduction....
Published: 5/17/2017   |   Inventor(s): Ann-Marie Broome, Yu-Lin Jiang
Category(s): Research Tool, Diagnostic
Targeted Rapamycin Micelle (TRaM) as a Therapeutic and for Solid Organ Transplant
Technology: TRaMs are a novel therapeutic tool for immunosuppression during solid organ transplantation that encompasses a pH sensitive, self-assembling nanocarrier with encapsulated rapamycin and a targeting moiety for endothelial cells. TRaMs internalize more rapidly than non-targeted RaMs, suppress biomarkers of EC inflammation and reduce MHC expression...
Published: 4/4/2014   |   Inventor(s): Ann-Marie Broome, Suraj Dixit, Satish Nadig, Carl Atkinson
Category(s): Therapeutic
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