Software for Tracking and Invoicing Clinical Research



Study Tracker is a research management system for tracking and invoicing clinical research. The program allows investigators to track the clinical research for billing. For each trial, basic protocol and billing information is entered and a template and calendar for a subject’s visit is provided that is able to be checked off when complete or unchecked if not provided. Additionally, unscheduled visits or assessments can also be entered. Invoice letters as well as summaries of services and charges are able to be generated. While Study Tracker will be integrated with the MUSC SCTR developed SPARC system for budget development and clinical research tracking, it is able to be used by any clinical research program.



Clinical trials tracking system to record subject visit information to help with investigator billing; non-specific system that can be used in any clinical research program.


Inventors:                               R. Sampson, J.L. Glenn, A. Cates, J. Schneider

Patent Status:                        Copyrighted

MUSC-FRD Technology ID:    P1326C


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