Postpartum Assessment


The Postpartum Assessment checklist incorporates 18 assessment criteria beginning at reviewing patient charts all the way through a complete physical and emotional assessment of the patient. The checklist can come with a designated amount of points assigned to each assessment criteria (totaling 100), or it can be populated with points by each user independently. For clinical use, the criteria assessments are not assigned points, and the checklist is used as a tool to comment on the patient’s physical and emotional assessment.


Each assessment criteria includes a section header (e.g., “Palpitates Lower Abdomen to Determine :”), with instructions to assess various sub-headings (e.g., Fundal height, tone, and location). Each assessment criteria includes normal limit ranges and further instructions for assessing each sub-heading (e.g., “Should be at the level of the umbilicus on the day of delivery”).


The assessment also includes criteria pertaining to pre- and post-assessment tasks such as introducing oneself to the patient, chart review, and assessing the emotional state of the patient. It can thus be used as a complete training tool for prospective nurses, or as a comprehensive clinical checklist.


The Postpartum Assessment is available for online licensing and download at . 


Applications: Newborn assessment for nursing students, or can be clinically used by nurses in an OB area such as labor and delivery, NICCU, or newborn nursery


Key Words: Postpartum assessment, checklist, labor and delivery, nurse education, nurse training, obgyn, obstetrics, postpartum


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