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A web-based, centralized information portal to guide researchers through research study design and organization. The Research Toolkit is an online portal for organizers of research studies that provides guidelines, templates, websites, and resources for each stage of the research study enterprise, ranging from pre-award steps, to study conduct, to study closeout. The portal’s resources are organized under subtopics that include funding, proposal, regulatory, recruitment, study setup, study conduct, subject protection, study closeout, product translation, and dissemination.  The Toolkit addresses the steps involved with submitting, conducting, closing and disseminating results of a research study, and includes links to institutional, state, and federal resources and regulations.


Each subtopic is further organized under tabs that contain guidelines, links, and useful forms. For example, for “Subject Protection” under “Study Conduct,” the Toolkit provides considerations and links for such topics as “Research Subject Advocate,” “Serious Adverse Event Reporting,” “Continuing Review,” “Protocol Deviation Reporting,” and “FDA Audits.” Links to fact sheets and manuals for relevant topics are also included.

Research Toolkit is available for online licensing and download at

Applications: Investigators, post-doctoral students, and researchers involved in organizing a study.

Key Words: research, research tools, research study, study tool, study design, study organization

Inventors:       SCTR Success Center in collaboration with the Office of the Associate Provost for Research

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