AMBIpack - Ambidextrous Safe Suture Packaging


The AMBIpackTM safe suture packaging addresses an unmet gap in needle stick prevention with an innovative, economical solution.



The system is designed to enhance the experience of the surgeon, OR team, and hospital by concurrently increasing safety and decreasing OR time.  With its versatile, left- and right-handed loading options, AMBIpack eliminates the need to manually reverse the needle in the needle driver before left-forehanded or right-backhanded suturing. AMBIpack’s creative approach does not require changes to the manufacturing process, does not add any additional parts and therefore will not substantially increase costs. AMBIpack offers a cost-effective solution to optimize the laterality of the OR team without increasing the hospital’s inventory.


Overview: Left-handedness is prevalent in ~10% of medical personnel, but despite an association between left-handedness and needle sticks, most hospital inventory fails to provide laterality and is solely right-handed. As a result, left-handed products cost ~50% more, an expense that is often deemed inessential. Left-handed providers are forced to adapt, but some procedures, such as suturing, require a high degree of dexterity. This leads to providers manually reversing the needle in a needle driver to accommodate left-handed and back-handed suturing. Manual reversal of the needle increases the probability of an inadvertent needle stick and increases procedure time.


Applications: Suture packaging

Advantages: With left- and right-handed loading options, eliminates the needs to manually reverse the needle in needle driver before left-forehand or right-backhanded suturing.

Key Words: Suture, suturing pack, ambidextrous, needle, needle driver


Inventors: Istvan Tackas

Patent Status:        Provisional Patent Filed 01/10/2017

MUSC-FRD Technology ID: P1609


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