Metrix Matrix: A Novel Cloud-Based System for Tracking Non-RVU Value-Added Work Metrics


Metrix Matrix is a novel cloud based system used to track value-added non-RVU (vRVU) work metrics with minimal interruption to the radiologist workflow. The password- protected home page for the system contains links to web based forms created using Google Forms, with collected data populating Google Sheets spreadsheets. vRVU metrics initially selected for tracking included time spent at or in preparation for interdisciplinary conferences, time spent on hospital committee meetings, time spent reviewing outside studies (not billed at our institution), and time spent on practice based quality improvement initiatives.


Overview: With changes in healthcare reimbursement and continued emphasis on value based medicine, it is imperative for radiologists to demonstrate the value they add to patient care beyond simple RVUs. Our novel, nonproprietary, and easy to use cloud based system allows efficient quantification of vRVU (value added) work activities in a busy academic practice.


Applications: Tracking vRVUs and economic impact in radiology departments or other departments with similar value tracking needs

Advantages:  Novel, nonproprietary, and easy to use cloud based system for more efficient value tracking with less workflow interruption

Key Words: Radiology, relative value units, RVU, non-RVU, vRVU, value tracking, economic impact


Inventor: Mark Kovacs       

Patent Status:        Copyright              

MUSC-FRD Technology ID: P1729


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