Detachable Surgical Drainage System (Released 4/26/18)


This medical device is a detachable draining system that allows for tubing and drainage bulb to be removably connected to the internal drainage system. Improved design features over traditional drainage tubing systems include a 1-way valve incorporated into the inner lumen at the distal, internal end. Additionally, a circular flange as a suturing ring is incorporated to provide better stability of the drainage tube. The flange has holes which can be used for suturing the flange to the skin.  The removable, connection tubing has a coupling mechanism which allows for intermittent or continuous draining as per clinical need. If the tube gets disconnected inadvertently it can be reconnected without having to replace the entire drain. 



Overview: Patients undergoing surgery often require placement of temporary closed suction drains to remove fluid from the surgical site(s). These drains consist of a distal end, typically porous (JP) or grooved (Blake), which is placed inside of the patient. The distal end is sutured into place to prevent dislodgement and/or migration. Tubing connects the distal, internal end to a collection bulb capable of providing negative pressure to the tubing resulting in fluid flow. Issues with Current drains 1) they are  not flexible,2) drains get prematurely removed completely or partially accidentally, 3)The single suture used to secure the drain is very uncomfortable for patients4)Drains that stay longer than needed can be preventing patients from doing their daily activities.


Applications: Tummy tuck, lower body lift, breast reduction, breast lift, breast implant removal, breast reconstruction, brachioplasty, thigh lift, hernia repair, abdominal wall surgery

Advantages: The removable drainage system provides flexibility of continuous or intermittent drainage of surgical sites and allows for less pain to the patient and improved quality of life.

Key Words: Flexible drainage system (FDS), removable drain, reconnect-able drain, detachable drain system, medical device.


Inventors: Vinay Gundlapalli       

Patent Status:        Provisional Application Filed 05/04/2017       

MUSC-FRD Technology ID: P1675


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