Use of the KS1/4 Gene For Detection and/or Diagnosis of Lung Cancer


Technology: Inventors from MUSC have developed a reliable real-time RT-PCR method to detect metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in mediastinal lymph nodes (MLNs) by endoscopic ultrasound guided fine-needle aspiration (EUS-FNA). This technique enables reliable biopsy of MLNs without the need for general surgery or anesthesia. Researchers tested five molecular markers (lunx, KS1/4, CEA, CK19 and muc1) for use with real-time PCR of EUS-FNA specimens and evaluated their sensitivity and specificity for the detection of NSCLC metastases. Overexpression of KS1/4 as well as at least one other marker gene was detected in all nine Cy+ specimens compared to control lymph nodes. Hence, KS1/4 can be used as a molecular marker for the detection of metastatic NSCLC in mediastinal lymph node samples using real-time RT-PCR combined with EUS-FNA. Overall, this technology has value for accurately staging patients with NSCLC using minimally invasive procedures.

Overview: Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer related deaths among both men and women both in the US and worldwide. Pathological classification of lung cancer is based on primary tumor (T), regional nodes (N), and distant metastases (M) and patients in whom mediastinal lymph nodes(MLNs) are involved are classified with stage III disease and are generally considered inoperable. MUSC researchers have developed a real-time RT-PCR based method for reliable detection of metastatic disease in MLNs of NSCLC patients without the need for general anesthesia or surgery.

Applications: RT-PCR based detection of lung cancer metastasis.

Advantages:  A sensitive and specific method to detect specific genes overexpressed in lung cancer by real time RT-PCR can identify metastatic disease condition without the need for anesthesia and general surgery.

Key Words: non-small cell lung cancer, real-time RT-PCR, KS1/4, lymph nodes, endoscopic ultrasound guided fine-needle aspiration.

Background Publication: Mitas M et al, Real-time reverse transcription-PCR detects KS1/4 mRNA in mediastinal lymph nodes from patients with non-small cell lung cancer. Clin Chem. 2003 Feb;49(2):312-5.

Inventors: David Cole, Michael Mitas, William Gillanders, Michael Wallace

Patent Status:       US utility US7824857B2

MUSC-FRD Technology ID: P0403       



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