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Research Toolkit
A web-based, centralized information portal to guide researchers through research study design and organization. The Research Toolkit is an online portal for organizers of research studies that provides guidelines, templates, websites, and resources for each stage of the research study enterprise, ranging from pre-award steps, to study conduct, to study...
Published: 1/7/2015   |   Inventor(s): Stephen Skelton, Erica g. Ellington, Royce Sampson, Randal Davis, Joann Sullivan, Rebecca Barry, Leila Forney, Clare Tyson, Jennelle Quennville, Stephanie Gentilin, Jihad Obeid, Julia Lane Glenn, Marilyn Laken, Teresa Kelechi, Erica Blender Brown, Ashlee Watts, Melissa Henshaw, Linda Ambrose, Karen Harper, Kate Taylor, Cynthia Maxwell, Cyndi Rosenblatt, Loretta Lynch-Reichart, Robbie Lee
Category(s): Software
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