iVital: Mobile Monitoring of Anesthesia Information Management Systems


iVital is an iOS mobile app to remotely manage and monitor operative cases in real time. iVital, an add-on module for critical care and electronic health record management systems, offers a real-time view of present cases, past and future cases. By providing patient information, procedure information, the primary surgeon, the patient’s vital signs and current medications for all patients under a physician’s care both pre- and post-op, iVital allows physicians to remotely monitor and manage their operating rooms, patients and surgical procedures from their iOS-based mobile phone or tablet. iVital has been beta-tested on over a dozen MUSC physicians and refined. MUSC inventors are capable of customizing the software for other anesthesia information management systems.


iVital is available for online licensing & download at https://flintbox.com/public/project/26395/



Overview: With the advent and growth of healthcare technology over the past several years, a clear niche has been defined in the clinical care arena for applications that will functionally help patients and/or physicians. While electronic medical record systems are now commonplace, there is still a need for applications that allow physicians to remain mobile while quickly accessing test results or managing their cases. By providing a mobile app that stores relevant, current data about past, on-going and future cases, physicians can access information ‘on the fly’ and better manage their patients without needing to remain at a desktop computer.


Advantages: Mobile app lets physicians manage and monitor multiple past, on-going and future cases remotely.

Key Words: Mobile app, iOS, clinical data management, electronic data


Inventors: M. McEvoy, L. Field, G. Davis

Patent Status: Copyrighted

MUSC-FRD Technology ID: P1257

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