fMRI Based Deception Detection


MUSC inventors have developed imaging-based systems and methods to address the need for a reliable means of deception detection. Included in this technology are methods for brain imaging and activity measurement that provide an objective means of detecting deception with reliable, reproducible and highly confident results.



Between the years of 1999-2002, the US government estimates over $100 billion a year was spent on attorney fees for civil litigation cases for disputes that could have been settled with a reliable method of deception detection. Additionally, fraud, industrial espionage and investigations could be limited with reliable lie detection mechanisms. Although polygraph tests can be used for this purpose, they rely solely on peripheral, autonomic bodily responses, are subjective and unreliable due to inconsistency in the types of questions asked, interpretation of the test and the subject’s ability to learn to control the physiological response. While brain imaging with fMRI and skin conductance response have been combined to relate psychological states and patterns of brain activity, these have only focused on responses to auditory stimuli and risk-taking behavior and not yet deception.



Reliable and objective method of detecting deception


Key Words: MRI, brain imaging, fMRI, deception, polygraph, brain activity, lie detection


Publications: Kozel, F. Andrew, et al. "Replication of functional MRI detection of deception."The open forensic science journal 2 (2009): 6.


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Inventors: F.A. Kozel, M. George

Patent Status: US Patents 7,899,524, 8,014,847

MUSC-FRD Technology ID: P0053


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