IV Insulin Infusion Calculator with Diagnosis-Specific Modes


An on-line, diagnosis-specific, IV insulin infusion calculator (IVIIC) has been developed to advance the use of IV insulin infusion therapy during inpatient care. The underlying algorithm is based on the "Multiplier" concept. However, unlike previous multiplier-based algorithms, the IVIIC incorporates diagnosis-specific modes that optimize insulin drip performance for different clinical conditions such as diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar, non-ketotic states, and labor and delivery. The web-based nature of the program allows it to be accessible throughout the hospital. Safety features to avoid both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are provided. This program has been tested in the CTICU with excellent results and reviews by physicians, pharmacists and nurses.

An estimated 8.3% of the US population has diagnosed Type I or Type II Diabetes, with a further 7 million adults and children who are undiagnosed.  For both maintenance and emergency medical costs alone, diabetes accounts for $176 billion of spending per year.  Tight control of inpatient glucose levels has been correlated with improved patient outcomes. In a hospital setting, monitoring of blood glucose levels manually with the ‘finger-stick’ test is both time- and resource-consuming. As a result, computer-based monitoring systems have been developed to automatically calculate and adjust the amount of insulin to provide a patient based on their blood glucose levels over time. None of the commercially available calculators allow for diagnosis-specific control of the settings.


Diagnosis-specific modes allow more personalized control of the rate of change in blood glucose level as well as the blood glucose target level itself.



Blood glucose control via an IV in settings such as the ICU, operating room, labor and delivery, among others


Inventors:                     K. Hermayer, T. Hushion, M. Irving

Patent Status:                     Copyrighted

MUSC-FRD Technology ID:       P0829


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