iOS SQL Interface


iOS2SQL is a software package that enables for quick, easy and reliable two-way access between iOS and the Microsoft SQL Server. By allowing SQL database queries to be directly written into the application code, iOS2SQL saves both time and, consequently, cost of developing iOS apps. The technology has been tested in conjunction with iVital, an iOS app developed by MUSC for physicians to remotely monitor cases, is fully functional and ready for sale.


Overview: The iOS mobile application market is rapidly expanding. Most mobile apps require the storage of data within a database. While the Microsoft SQL database is one such established, industry-standard relational database management system, there is currently no straightforward way to interface it with iOS apps, and the procedure is cumbersome, error-prone and time-consuming.



Easy, quick and reliable way to connect iOS with the Microsoft SQL Server to access and store information for mobile application development


Key Words: mobile application, app, database, data management, technology


Inventors:                     M. McEvoy

Patent Status:                     Copyrighted

MUSC-FRD Technology ID:       P1256


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