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The Problem List Data Dictionary (PLDD) is a dictionary with ICD-9 diagnosis codes assigned to problem list text for 24 chronic conditions in electronic health record (EHR) data. In total, the PLDD contains over 78,000 records, constructed using data from 218 primary care practices with over 1.2 million patient records and over 900 insurance providers. The PLDD is available as both a Microsoft Access database and a SAS 9.2 database and can be applied to any electronic problem list data regardless of the EHR source without requiring any special software.



Introduced originally in the 1960s, the Problem List, a list of the chief complaints from a patient, has become a standard component of the government’s ‘meaningful use’ program. In an attempt to standardize these lists, each problem is assigned a code; however, different practices and individual practitioners may describe problems using varying terminology, leaving room for classification error or problems being left out and the potential for compromised patient care. The use of coded Problem Lists has many positive implications, ranging from allowing patients to be given customized or disease-specific primary and follow-up care and well as providing a way to report standard measures or statistics. Therefore, having an easy-to-access, cross-compatible reference for classifying patient problems will enable quicker and more accurate medical record keeping and less room for error in care.



List of varying ways of describing patient problems allows for easier Problem List coding, compliance with the meaningful use program, and improved patient care; No extra software needed and cross-platform compatible.


Key Words: Electronic health records, EHR, electronic medical records, EMR, meaningful use, problem lists, data


Inventors:                     S. Ornstein, R. Jenkins

Patent Status:                     Copyrighted

MUSC-FRD Technology ID:       P1311C


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