Targeted Rapamycin Micelle (TRaM) as a Therapeutic in Solid Organ Transplant


This technology is a novel therapeutic tool that encompasses a pH sensitive, self-assembling nanocarrier with encapsulated rapamycin, and a targeting moiety for use in targeted immunosuppression during solid organ transplantation. Additionally, this TRaM is conjugated with nearby fluorophores and platelet-derived growth factors to track allograft uptake of the TRaM. This sub-therapeutic dosing method can be done without a titration of Treg therapy, allowing for assessment of Treg/TRaM reboosts therapies to be evaluated as necessary using standard serum and tissue biopsy parameters.


Overview: Organ transplantation has become an accepted modality for the treatment of end-stage organ failure. The field of transplant medicine has made tremendous strides with more potent immunosuppressive medications reducing acute rejection episodes. However, chronic rejection remains a leading cause of graft loss in the long term. 15-20% of kidney transplants will be rejected in 3-5 years. Up to 50% of heart and lung organ transplants will be rejected. Current immunosuppressive (IS) therapies used in organ transplantation globally depress the immune system, and consequently lead to various systemic side effects. By offering targeted immunotherapies with a novel tracking and targeting moiety, these systemic side effects can be alleviated.


Advantages:  Alleviate the side effects of systemic rapamycin delivery by locally suppressing the immune response at the allograft.

Key Words: Rapamycin, nanocarrier, nanoparticle, Treg, allograft, organ transplant, immunotherapy


Inventors: Ann-Marie Broome, Suraj Dixit, Satish Nadig, & Carl Atkinson

Patent Status: PCT application, PCT/US2015/011310, filed January 14, 2015.

MUSC-FRD Technology ID: P1446 

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