Junior Doctors of Health Obesity Prevention Curriculum


The Junior Doctors of Health (JDOH) obesity prevention curriculum is an interactive health promotion program specifically targeted to grade levels preschool to 8th grade. The curriculum is simple enough that instructors, graduate students, college students, and high school students can deliver the lesson plans in four one-hour sessions. The curriculum includes hands-on activities such as measuring the number of teaspoons in favorite sugary beverages, sorting plastic food models into the proper food groups, and identifying the number of teaspoons of fat found in fast food meals.


Each grade’s curriculum consists of four one-hour sessions that guide the instructor through the material and provide accompanying activity sheets for distribution to students. A typical session in the curriculum will contain instructions for the teacher to prepare the day’s session, introduce the day’s material to students, and set up various stations through which students will work. A typical pre-school session may include stations such as “Fruits and Veggies Identification,” “Fruit and Veggie Origin Activity,” and a taste-testing activity. The curriculum includes letter templates to send to parents as well as certificates of completion for each student.


The unique characteristics of the program include its relatively low-cost of implementation and its use of interactive activities tailored to the individual grade level. An additional unique aspect JDOH is that the program provides health professional students an opportunity to work together to build teamwork skills while providing prevention focused health education to the community.


The JDOH curriculum is available for online licensing and download at https://flintbox.com/public/project/26184/ .


Overview: Obesity rates in youth have risen drastically over the past 30 years. While obesity in youth increases the risk for a variety of diseases and conditions, educational programs for the prevention of obesity in youth remains scarce, or are absent from many school curricula.


Applications: Supplemental education on health behavior and nutrition in grade schools, programs, or centers involving youth.

Advantages: Interactive, easily-delivered, targeted instruction on the prevention of obesity in grade-level students.

Key Words: Obesity, health promotion, curriculum, school, youth, prevention


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