Gross Anatomy Video Series


The Gross Anatomy Video Series is a series of narrated, demonstrational videos of cadaver dissection meant to supplant instruction during the laboratory component of an anatomy course. The videos can be viewed by students prior to dissection as introductions to the material, or can be used as review tools for content fortification post-dissection. They can also be used by instructors as components of examinations or laboratory practicals. The CDs can also be used by instructors as components of examinations or laboratory practicals. They are available for download as .mp4 video files and can be viewed on both OS and Widows platforms using a media player.

The videos are organized by region of the body and are classified by bone, muscle, and arteries/nerve dissections.

The Gross Anatomy Video Series is available for free via online licensing and download at

Overview: Currently, less and less time is devoted to the teaching of gross anatomy in medical curricula. The cost of maintaining cadaver dissection laboratories is also on the rise, and as a result students may not receive robust anatomical dissection instruction. Distance learning arrangements are also increasingly prevalent components of instruction in academic settings and for students seeking flexibility and independence in learning.

Applications: Courses and classrooms where human cadaver dissection is performed and taught.

Advantages: Increased flexibility and efficiency in the teaching of laboratory anatomical dissection

Key Words: Gross anatomy, video, CD, demonstrational video, teaching, laboratory, dissection, distance learning

Inventors: Thierry Bacro

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MUSC-FRD Technology ID: P0230

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