Drug Reconstitution and Dilution Compendium


The Drug Reconstitution and Dilution Compendium is a PDF compendium of dilution information for over 500 drugs. The guidelines for each medication are presented in a standardized format for ease of viewing. References to the primary reference material are provided. This resource serves as a reference tool for pharmacists and technician in pharmacies and hospitals in which reconstitution and/or dilution of medication is performed.

The Reconstitution and Dilution Compendium consists of two PDF documents: A Chemotherapy and Hazardous Medication compendium (145 drugs), and a General Reconstitution compendium (372 drugs).

Each compendium offers drug information in a table format, including: Package information, Reconstitution instructions (e.g., preferred diluents, diluent concentrations and volumes), Dilution information (e.g., compatible diluents, stability of diluted infusion under various temperatures), Administration instructions, and other comments.

The Drug Reconstitution and Dilution Compendium is available for online licensing and download at https://flintbox.com/public/project/26183/ .

Overview: Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are frequently responsible for reconstituting and/or diluting medications to be given intravenously. The guidelines for doing this are currently provided on a laminated chart. This standard format makes it difficult to update the guidelines on a regular basis.  It also poses a challenge to make the reference material, on which the guidelines are based, readily accessible.

Applications: Pharmacists & pharmacy technicians

Key Words: Drug dilution, Drug reconstitution, dosage, dosing, drug compendia, drug information, drug monographs, intravenous drugs

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