Interprofessionalism (IP) Health-System Simulation Game for Interprofessional Education Initiatives


This technology is an online interactive healthcare simulation game that permits users to staff a simulated health system with different health professions and evaluate the performance of the system with respect to patient satisfaction, patient safety, clinical outcomes, research productivity, and profitability. To date, approximately 850 MUSC students and faculty have played the simulation online as a part of MUSC’s Interprofessional Day. Teams are able to run the simulation simultaneously, with a real time leader board. The simulation takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

At the end of a simulation, players will be able to:

1.       Describe how different professionals can be integrated into health systems to optimize health, wellness, and overall success.

2.       They will be able to identify key indicators health system administrators use to evaluate the overall success of a health system including finances, patient satisfaction, patient safety, research activity, and clinical outcomes.

3.       They will be able to identify healthcare personnel factors that influence these key indicators including: research productivity, visit efficiency, interpersonal skills, team collaborations, performance improvement, and quality improvement training, etc.

Overview: Any clinical setting or professional school could utilize the healthcare simulation game.

Applications: Interprofessional education or clinical planning purposes

Advantages: Multi-player, real-time

Key Words: Gaming, online, interprofessionalism, healthcare, education, simulation, health professions

Inventors: Jeffrey Borckardt, Jennifer Bailey

Patent Status:       Copyright

MUSC-FRD Technology ID: P1662