Linear Array of Multi-substrate Cell Migration Assay (LAMA)


Technology: The invention is a cell migration chamber that allows for multiple substrates to be used in a single assay. The system uses parallel tracks of different substrates and a gap migration technique. This system and method allows for cell adhesion, migration and differentiation on up to 20 different test conditions simultaneously using only minute amounts of target substrata. This system has two configurations for direct comparison of one or two cell type in response to an array of ECM constituents in the same culture conditions. This culture model could also be used for high throughput screening of potential pharmaceuticals that target ECM-dependent cell behavior and differentiation using limited quantity of cells and minimal amount of expensive or rare test agents. The LAMA method covalently joins ECM proteins to glass slide, making the assay compatible with standard microscopic method for cell migration analysis, i.e., time-lapse experiments.


Overview: Cell migration is evaluation on a bi-dimensional substrate. Currently only two methods exist to do this. The first is Scratch/Wound assay in which a scratch is created in a cell monolayer, and then the closing of this gap is quantitated. This method is a post-migration assay and  does not suitable for studying the effect protein substrates. The second method is using Gap-Closure assay, in which cells are grown in a well with an exclusion zone created by a barrier.  Upon removal of the barrier, the migration of the cells into the exclusion space is tracked. This method can be studied in different types of EM protein substrates to examine their effect. The substrates can be laid down using ink stamping, which creates patterns, or by nano-ink prinking. However, most systems are only capable of laying down one or two substrates.


Applications: Cell migration, adhesion and differentiation assay.

Advantages: Can run up to 20 proteins or other candidates at a time to study cell adhesion, migration, and differentiation on a limited number of cells


Publication:  Moreno-Rodriguez RA et al. "Linear array of multi-substrate tracts for simultaneous assessment of cell adhesion, migration, and differentiation." Biotechniques. 2017 Dec 1;63(6):267-274.

Prototypes are available upon request


Inventors: Ricardo Moreno      

Patent Status: Provisional Patent Application Filed 5/26/17

MUSC-FRD Technology ID: P1368


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