Chamber for Cyroprotectant Tissues Perfusion and Bioengineered Tissue Scaffolds


The chamber is for use in the rapid stabilization of cell viability and tissue architecture post tissue freezing and thawing. These chambers were created to address the inefficiencies of the syringe-only approach surrounding the proprietary cryoprotectant and perfusion protocol (CPP).  There are currently three perfusion chamber systems: 1) a ‘bulk perfusion chamber’ and 2) a perfusion ‘manifold/multi-vial’ system, and 3) a ‘flow-though’ perfusion chamber. Collectively, these minimize sample manipulation of cryoprotectant and tissue by Pathology staff, reduce user error and will provide significantly improved ease of use, reduce cold ischemia time and enhance sample quality. These chambers are designed for the type and size of tissue (e.g., tumor, prostate, bone, blood vessels, or lung -whether native or bioengineered tissues).


Overview: As of 2012, over 700 biorepositories exist in the Unites States alone, of which over 69% store human tissues. Significant growth in the number of biorepositories worldwide is anticipated increase over the next 5-10 years. Growth in the number of biorepositories worldwide is anticipated to continue rapid growth (Transparency Market Research, Biopreservation Market 2013-2019 [2012]) and estimated market value to reach $5.69 BN by 2019. A majority of these facilities store 1-10 million specimens. Financial success of the biorepositories hinges on high utilization, which is directly affected by sample viability and versatility. These perfusion chambers are necessary for facile and safe perfusion of the tissues with cryoprotectant.


Applications: Tissue perfusion

Advantages: These chambers allow for minimal sample manipulation of cryoprotectant and tissue by pathology staff, reduce error, and will provide significant improved ease of use, reduce cold ischemia time, and enhance sample quality.

Key Words: Tissues, perfusion, cryopreservation, tissue banking, translational research, drug discovery, device, expansion-perfusion, tissue preservation, biobanking


Inventors: John Baatz & Demetri Spyropoulous       

Patent Status:        Provisional Application Filed 05/04/2017       

MUSC-FRD Technology ID: P1687


Licensing Status: This technology is currently optioned to Cryogenix, LLC. Please contact the MUSC FRD to be put in touch with the company.


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