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Technology: The MUSC IMPROVE methodology, education, and tools encompass a broad range of robust process improvement practices and techniques. The IMPROVE materials are arranged in a unique and proprietary manner to simplify the project creation, implementation, and completion process. Each phase of IMPROVE builds upon the previous and dovetails with the next for seamless and continuous movement through the life of the project. All aspects of the methodology, education, and tools have been tailored to complement each other, while existing process improvement methodologies may feel disjointed as the tools used in each phase are left to the discretion of the project owner or technical expert and little prescriptive guidance is given.


Overview: IMPROVE’s unique arrangement more easily facilitates health care personnel and other non-technical team members through the life cycle of an improvement project than previous methodologies by guiding teams step-by-step through each phase and hardwiring the accompanying tools and deliverables. The IMPROVE methodology can be used as a standalone guide through a proven continuous improvement process with some previous knowledge of process improvement. Additionally, a MUSC PI Facilitator may serve as a technical expert to guide users through the process improvement or project management journey.


Applications: Project management, process improvement

Key Words: Process improvement, project management, best practices, educational tool.


Creators: Scott Brady, Shana Dykema, Rebecca Harper, Jennifer Hooks, Torri Jacobsen, Chris Rees, Mike Roudabush, Stephanie Sargent, Eric Smathers, Marilyn Winkel       

IP Status: Copyrightable Work              

MUSC-FRD Technology ID: P1443


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