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Mitoferrofluor - A new approach to determine mitochondrial chelatable iron
Inventors have created a fluorescent marker, mitoferrofluor (MFF) for measuring mitochondrial chelatable iron in living cells and tissues. It is an improvement on existing markers, as it covalently bonds to the mitochondria once it has entered, thus it will remain there through any subsequent reactions. Iron is an essential nutrient. Incorporation...
Published: 7/26/2016   |   Inventor(s): John Lemasters, Andaleb Kholmukhamedov, Christopher Lindsey, Craig Beeson
Category(s): Other
Synthetic studies toward aza-ellipticine analogs and their potential uses as novel anti-cancer therapeutics
Ellipticine is an established anticancer chemotherapeutic, however, its current method of synthesis requires many steps. MUSC researchers have developed a method to obtain ellipticine analogs in one step by utilizing radiation and an acid catalysis. The ellipticine family represents a class of natural products that have been used to develop potenti...
Published: 6/2/2015   |   Inventor(s): Christopher Lindsey, Craig Beeson
Category(s): Therapeutic
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