Endodontic surgery tissue retractor (DMND0004574)


Executive Summary

Common dental procedures and surgeries require periodontal flap retractation.  This includes over 20,000,00 root canals per year where a 20% failure rate is realized in the initial root canal treatment.  When engaging in a surgery to repair those that have failed, the surgeon and/or assistant must utilize a tissue retractor device, (such as a Minnesota Retractor).  In some cases, 2 assistants are being utilized to hold the retractor in place, allowing for access to areas of the mouth requiring surgery.  This is not only costly but has the potential to crush, tear or otherwise damage tissue.  A “hands free” device would allow the surgeon to operate with both hands and clear the surgery area of additional hands and people.  This device would support surgery on the posterior teeth where some professionals are currently not comfortable operating due to access in the mouth. 


Technical Summary

A modified dental bite block would allow for nearly complete closure of the mouth.  This includes an adjustable arm with a retraction apparatus able to retract and reflect a periodontal flap for endodontic microsurgery.  The apparatus would come from the posterior and buccal aspect of the bite block to allow for operator visualization and instrumentation during surgery.


For use during dental procedures and surgeries including but not limited to: failing root canals, alveolar surgery and maxillary sinus lift for molar implants.

Development Stage

The Endodontic Surgery Tissue Retractor has been tested in non-patients and dental manikins with success.  Plans for patient testing are forthcoming.


  • Minimizes dangerous conditions during surgery
  • Saves time during each surgery
  • Snap-able length adjustment
  • Tooth registration
  • Jaw registration
  • Cheek catch
  • Cheek retractor
  • Two separate retractor surfaces to allow for better customization of cheek retraction.
  • Inexpensive cost of goods


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